Drink of the Week: Ghia Berry Aperitif


For various reasons, most of my family doesn’t drink alcohol anymore. And this year will mark our first holiday gathering that’s alcohol-free. Fortunately, with an ever-growing category of spirit-free options, the transition from cocktails to no-alcohol drinks should be easy. And Ghia Berry Aperitif, which debuted last month, makes it especially easy.

This zero-proof aperitif combines strawberry juice, fermented jasmine green tea, Lapsang Soughong tea, and black currant juice. Where Ghia’s first offering, the Aperitif, is meant to prime the palate for dinner, Berry’s tart and juicy flavors can stand up to heavy dishes. Go ahead and serve it with Osso Buco. It’s also a great way to end the evening on a light note. And with just a hint of berry sweetness, a tea-like dryness, and a botanical character, it’s perfect for layering into spirit-free cocktails. My plan? Topping it with NA sparkling wine for a celebratory toast. $38, drinkghia.com


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